Nathan Stark

“The sonorous bass Nathan Stark [was an] outrageously funny goat-footed satyr.”

Rafael de Acha, Seen and Heard International, 2014 (La Calisto)

“Nathan Stark was a marvelous Sylvano, with his rich, sonorous bass.”
MAuer, OperaLively, 2014 (La Calisto)

“Bass Nathan Stark made a strong, blustery Zuniga.”

Mary Ellyn Hutton, Music in Cincinnati, 2014 (Carmen)

"Nathan Stark was fine as Zuniga, and his fight in the tavern with Don José was impressive."

Janelle Gelfand, Cincinnati Enquirer, 2014 (Carmen)

“Cincinnati Opera regular Nathan Stark brought his familiar big, rich bass to Zuniga.”

MAuer, OperaLively, 2014 (Carmen)

"As always in Cincinnati, secondary roles were strongly cast. Nathan Stark, who has been heard here as the Commandatore in Don Giovanni, was a Zuniga (in Carmen) of real stature."
- Opera News, September 2014 (Carmen)

"Although more often than not tasked with portraying serious bass roles such as the Commendatore in Don Giovanni, Mr. Stark was perfectly charming as the oafish Sulpice, leader of the regiment that has raised Marie, and primary father figure to the lass.  He made Sulpice lovable, believable and amusing. One wonders whether singing basso buffo roles might prove to be a gold mine for Mr. Stark. He was certainly very successful with this one!"
- Taminophile, February 8th, 2014 (La Fille du Regiment)

"Tall and stocky veteran baritone (bass) Nathan Stark is ideal as the blustering but warm-hearted Sulpice"
- Isthmus - The Daily Page, February 2014 (La Fille du Regiment)

"As Pope Urban VIII, a.k.a. Cardinal Barberini, as well as the philosopher Simplicio in Scene 5, Nathan Stark made a strong impression with his rich, authoritative bass and his portrayal of the fundamentally selfish man beneath the genial intellectual."
 - Opera Lively, July 2013 (Galileo Galilei)

"Stark, Dayton Opera's Hunding in our Die Walküre, is a major voice and stage presence."
  - Burt Saidel, Oakwood Register, July 2013 (Die Walküre)

"Nathan Stark made a stentorian Commendatore."

- Cincinnati Enquirer, June 2013 (Don Giovanni)

"His sidekick, Leporello, was hilarious as the long-suffering servant. You don’t often get real belly laughs in opera, but Nathan Stark, an accomplished patter singer, did while delivering perfect dialogue in a booming bass."
- Michigan Live, February 2013

" In the comprimario role of the Duke of Norfolk, Nathan Stark displayed a fresh, sharply focused [bass].”
Opera News, 2012

"In the small but key role of the tribe’s “enforcer,” Nourabad, bass Nathan Stark was particularly adept at using his dark instrument to create a sense of menace and foreboding once he’s discovered the forbidden love between Leila and Nadir."
                                              — The Washington Times, October 2012

" Mr. Stark’s unusual, variegated voice had already impressed me in earlier concerts. He is an original, gifted with a large, piebald voice of power and resonance...he was entirely in his element on the operatic stage. "

 - New York Arts
, August 2012

"The bass, Nathan Stark as the King of Egypt has become one of my favorite performers at the Virginia Opera over the recent years. He did a spectacular job as the Commendatore in Don Giovanni and as Sparafucile in Rigoletto. Mr. Stark has a booming rich bass voice and is consistently called on for roles that demand great stage presence, which he fulfills so naturally."
                                        - The Schiller Institute, November 2011       

Most telling of the solos was the ominous and unearthly power of Nathan Stark.”     
                                 - The Washington Post, February 2010."

" From both a singing and acting standpoint, he was one of the most effective          Sparafuciles this reviewer has been privileged to see and hear.” 
                                        - Washington Times, October, 2010

There was much to admire in the strong-voiced, authoritative Bonze of Nathan Stark.                                                                                                                            
                                                - Opera News,  November, 2010.


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